Web Servers - Columbus DW

Current GA Version:  8.503C

  Macro 4 software testing policy

Columbus DW
Operating EnvironmentMinimum Level
Apache 2.47.102A
Apache 2.27.101A
Apache 2.06.100F
Apache 1.35.521A
IIS 8.07.102A
IIS 7.57.102A
IIS 7.07.101C
IIS 6.07.101A
IIS 5.16.100F
Sun Java System Web Server 6.15.521AA

When testing for support of new operating systems and subsystems, Macro 4's policy is to only test the current GA (General Availability) and EA (Early Availability) releases.

Macro 4 always recommend customers upgrade to the current release of software. We offer full support for current releases and will provide, where possible, fixes to older releases via a patch mechanism. In some cases a full upgrade to the current release may be required.

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