z/VM - Tubes version 1

Current GA Version:  1.935D

  Macro 4 software testing policy

Tubes version 1
Operating EnvironmentMinimum Level
z/VM 7.1.0 [1]1.935D
z/VM 6.4.0 [1] 1.935D
z/VM 6.3.0 [1]1.935D
z/VM 6.2.0 [1]1.935D
z/VM 6.1.0 [1]1.935D
z/VM 5.4.0 [1]1.935D

[1] If running MCPU or VVL, currently needs TUBES PTFs TUV00438 and TUV00442; VSE/VVL currently needs VVL PTFs TUV00439, TUV00443 and TUV00445.

For versions lower than 5.4.0 contact Macro 4

When testing for support of new operating systems and subsystems, Macro 4's policy is to only test the current GA (General Availability) and EA (Early Availability) releases.

Macro 4 always recommend customers upgrade to the current release of software. We offer full support for current releases and will provide, where possible, fixes to older releases via a patch mechanism. In some cases a full upgrade to the current release may be required.

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