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Existing customer portal users may need to access the incidents (problem reports) which belong to other Macro 4 customers. Typically, these types of users work for service organizations that look after several client customers using Macro 4 software.

Customer Portal Users
(existing, registered Portal users)

Requesting access to another site

Please contact your local Macro 4 office to request access to another site.

Once the request has been processed on your behalf, the Site Administrator(s) at the target site will receive the request for access to their incident information stored on the Macro 4 customer portal.  The request will be accepted or rejected by a Site Administrator and you will receive a response via email.

Rejected Requests
If your request is rejected by a Site Administrator you may submit another request at any time.

Successful Requests
A successful request will result in your portal account being linked to the target site with the appropriate incident capabilities set by the Site Administrator.

An administrator can give you the following access rights to his/her licensed products. For each licensed product:

  • View – you can view incidents for the product.
  • Update – you can add progress to incidents for the product.
  • Add – you can add new incidents for the product.

Note:  These access rights can be applied to the products owned by your own site.  That is, you may not have access to all your own products.

Listing Incidents

Note: The ability to view a list of incidents is controlled by your security profile. Your profile may prevent you from carrying out the actions described below.

Incidents owned by your own site can be listed by clicking the “Review your existing incidents” link on the portal’s front page.

Incidents owned by other companies to which your account is linked can be listed in the same way.  In addition, you will see a “company” drop down.  This allows you to filter the incidents by selecting a company name from the drop down list.

Raising New Incidents

Note: The ability to raise a new incident for a licensed product is controlled by your security profile.  Your profile may prevent you from carrying out the actions described below.

New incidents are raised in the same way as before.  If your account has links to other sites, you must select a company from the dropdown on the “new incident” form.  Once a company has been selected the list of products at that site is made available.  From this point on you raise an incident in the usual way.