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Portal users who can administer other portal users for their site are known as Site Administrators.  The new security model used in the Macro 4 Customer Portal allows site administrators to control the access rights for users from other sites.

New users who enter your Macro 4 account number will have their registration routed to you for approval or rejection.

Existing users from other sites can request access to your site by clicking the Access Additional Site link on the Manage your account details page and entering your Macro 4 account number.  Again, the request will be routed to you for approval or rejection.

In either case you will receive an email containing a link to take you to a special web page where the requestor’s details are shown together with your list of licensed Macro 4 products.  Here, you can decide whether to reject or accept the access request.  If accepted, you can also set the user’s access rights to support incidents for your Macro 4 software.

Site Administrators
(Portal users who administer other users)

Accept/Reject a new site access request

When a user from another site requests access to your site you, as a Site Administrator, will receive an email asking you to visit the portal and either accept or reject the user’s request.  This is a simple process which only takes a few minutes to carry out:

  1. Click the link in the email to connect to the portal and log on if necessary.

  2. Select an “accept” or “reject” option on the form.

  3. Set the appropriate incident capabilities to control the user’s access to your product incidents.

Accept Registration – I recognize this user

You recognise the user from the details supplied and are happy to accept their registration.  Selecting this option will:

  • Create a link between your site and the user’s portal account.
  • Apply the incident management capabilities you specify.
  • Email an anonymous “successful” message to the requestor.

Reject Registration – I do not want to register this user

You recognise the user from the details supplied but do not want to accept the registration.  Selecting this option will:

  • Delete the user’s link request.
  • Email an anonymous “request rejected” message to the requestor.  The user can register again if they wish.

Reject Registration – This user is not recognized

You do not recognise the user and do not want to accept the registration request.  Selecting this option will:

  • Update the registration record to show that you have rejected the user’s request because you do no recognise the user.
  • Forward the request to Macro 4 internal administration staff for processing.  This request may be legitimate but the user could have entered an incorrect Macro 4 account number when submitting the details.

Note: Emails sent to a requestor by one of the above actions will not contain any of your contact details.

Setting Incident Management Capabilities

Site administrators can set the access rights to their product incidents for users from both the local site and other sites.  To do this click the “Manage User Accounts” link on the portal’s front page.  On the next page you can select a user from either your local site or from another site.  Clicking a user name will open the user’s profile where you can fill in the View, Update and Add settings for each of your Macro 4 licensed products. For example you can:

  • Restrict selected local users to only be able to view incidents for a single product even though you have many other products installed.
  • Disallow selected users from accessing any of your site’s product incidents.
  • Allow an external user from one site to access all your product incidents for all products.
  • Allow an external user from another site to only view and update incidents for a selected product but disallow update (adding progress notes).